Tuesday, 28 Jun 2022
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Make money online on your smartphone from the ClipClaps app

Make money with ClipClaps is a very reputable smartphone application shared by the MMO community. Many of you have made a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars from this money making application.

You can make money from ClipClaps by exchanging clapcoin for real money through watching videos, playing games (raising fish, raising cats, …) and referral commissions when inviting friends to join ClipClaps. This is one of the very reputable video / gaming apps for making money that I have been involved in making money every day.


Make money online on your smartphone from the ClipClaps app

Introduction to ClipClaps

The starting point of this application is the application to play games for real money on smartphones. Later ClipClaps developed many other monetization features such as watching videos, …. to help you make money on smartphones easily.

Earn clapcoin to exchange for real money in ClipClaps

You watch videos, play games, receive clapcoin and convert right on the app to $ and the conversion rate: 10,000,000 clapcoin = 10$.

Earning clapcoin is also quite easy, just watch the video up to a certain amount of time you will get different chests (boxes). Open chests to earn clapcoin and make money.

Upload funny videos to attract views and earn clapcoin.

In addition, you can receive gift boxes and open gifts, receiving up to 0.3$ per box. Spin the wheel of luck, dial the lottery to earn clapcoin or receive up to 3$.

One point that I really like is that ClipClaps pays instant rewards via PayPal account and low minpay, currently at 15$. In addition, ClipClaps has added support for payment by scratching cards.

Before downloading the app, remember to copy the invitation code so that after downloading the app, entering the code, you have a chance to earn 1$

Then, you sign up for an account via phone number or via Facebook / Google account. Remember to enter the Redeem code 7189895283 in the Redeem field to receive 1$ for free!

To join ClipClaps, download the app from the App Store for iOS or Android devices from the Play Store.

End of sharing

I think if you have free time, it would be nice to install this app to make money. Just spend a few dozen minutes to a few hours a day and you have money to drink coffee, recharge your phone card and more.

Below is a proof of making money and withdrawing money from ClipClaps to your Paypal account.

And here is the notice ClipClaps sends payment to my Paypal account, very reputable and fast. Money from Paypal account to withdraw to ATM card is very easy.