Sunday, 20 Oct 2019
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Share web pages used to increase subscribers (or increase watch time) for Youtube channels.

Video tutorial on Youtube:

These are the websites used to increase subscribers, views and likes (or increase watch time) for the YouTube channel that I have stumbled across and tested. The video above has been tested on link 01 and link 02. The remaining links you try to research to see how the results.

1)Sites used to increase subscribers, views and likes:
Link 01:
Link 02:
Link 03:
Link 04:
Link 05:
Link 06:
Link 07:
Link 08:
Link 09:
Link 10:
Link 11:
Link 12:

2)Web increased hours of viewing (the current site is no longer active):

Link :

All the above links are for testing only and it is important not to abuse. Finally wish you quickly achieve 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing for Youtube to consider making money.